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Using Paste Plus

The Paste+ app allows content editors to easily copy & paste rich content from MS Office/PDF documents and images from your local PC to SharePoint rich-text fields.

The way you copy and paste remains the same as you always did - simply copy the files or content from your desktop, and then click "Paste" or press CTRL+V to paste the copied content to your SharePoint rich-text field.

What happens when you paste?

First thing you will see is the “Paste Options” bubble:

Now you need to choose between the following options:

  • KWizCom Paste+
    KWizCom Paste+ is an enhanced pasting mechanism enabling you to paste content copied from local desktop sources (Office documents, local images, email message etc.). It 1st converts the content to HTML and then pastes the converted content. As for the images included in the copied content -  all the copied images will be uploaded to the appropriate SharePoint library, so this is done automatically for you without any need for you to upload those images.

  • SharePoint Paste
    Choosing this option will use the SharePoint out-of-the-box paste, with one exception:
    SharePoint out-of-the-box copy/paste doesn’t upload the copied images, it just copies their local path, which is useless (it is a not a web accessible url, the images remain on the user’s local desktop). Here, although SharePoint paste will be used, it will still use KWizCom’s mechanism to upload all copied images to SharePoint, so the pasted content including the copied images will be properly accessible.
    Use SharePoint Paste option when you do not want the copied content to go through KWizCom Paste+ html conversion. For example: when you copy content from one SharePoint page to another, there is no need to convert it to html, so better use “SharePoint Paste” option to keep the original styles.

You can copy and paste rich-content, which includes formatted text, tables and embedded images.

There are 2 ways to copy content from your desktop:

  • Copy content from opened files
    So this way you open your MS Office file, such as an MS WORD document, mark the paragraphs you wish to copy and copy them.

  • Copy file/s from your Windows explorer

    If you wish to copy the entire file/s content to your SharePoint rich-text field, you don’t need to open the file and mark all its content. Instead, simply go to your windows explorer and copy the file (or several files). For example, in the screenshot below we have marked an MS WORD document, a PDF file and an image file:

When we’ll paste into our SharePoint rich-text field, the WORD and PDF file’s contents will be pasted along with the copied image.


  • 1st time you try to paste, you will get a message asking you to install the KWizCom Client Agent tool. You must proceed with this tool’s installation before you can use the product.

  • When you copy & paste a paragraph that includes pictures, behind the scenes those pictures are uploaded to the SharePoint server. This means that the paste operation takes more time when you are pasting pictures (depending on the file size of those pictures and number of pasted pictures).

  • When copying a PowerPoint file (.pptx), the copied slides are converted to images when pasted to SharePoint, so if you have for example 5 slides in your PPT file, you will see 5 pasted images – 1 for each slide. Hidden slides will not be copied.


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