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Scan app Configuration

The Scan app includes the following modules:



Scan app settings page

This page allows configuring settings of the solution in the S.C, site and list/library level.
Each level inherits its settings from the parent level by default.

Scan client

This client tool needs to be downloaded by each user. 
User will be prompted to download the tool when trying to Scan for the 1st time.

The KWizCom Scan Client runs on the user’s local windows desktop. It communicates with the connected scanner/s and includes additional functions described later in this guide.


Before users can start using the Scan app, there are few settings that require configuration in the app’s settings page. These settings can be configured at the list/library level, in the site level or in the site collection level (if the app is installed also at the site-collection level).

To configure the Scan app settings at the list/library level, click “Scan Settings” ribbon button under the “List”/”Library” ribbon:


To configure the Scan app at the site level, simply click the app icon in the “Site Contents” page:


The Scan app site settings page displays the following options:



Inherit site collection settings

Check this checkbox to inherit site collection settings. This option is relevant only if the app is also added to the top level site.

Default settings

Auto-generate file name

Type default name for the created files. The default name can include tokens such as [User] and [Date].

Complete list of supported columns is available when clicking the (i) icon above this field.

Default output format

Select the default created file’s format.


Compress large files before upload

Check to configure the file size from which it will be zipped on the user’s desktop before uploaded to the SharePoint library/list.

Allow users to perform multi-document scan

Check to allow users to create a file per-page when scanning.

Allow user select scan mode

Check to allow end-users to select their required scan mode.

If not checked, you should configure the default scan mode, selecting between:

·   Edit settings and scan
in this mode user will see the scan settings page and will be able to configure the scan settings before scan starts.
Once scan is done, user will see the result image and will be able to edit it before it is uploaded to SharePoint.

·   Scan using default settings
in this mode user will not see the scan settings page, scan will use the default settings configured for the library/list.
Once scan is done, user will see the result image and will be able to edit it before it is uploaded to SharePoint.

·   Quick Scan
In this mode user will not see scan settings page and not the result image/s. the entire scan and upload process will be done in “silent” mode, and the user will be redirected to the library view to see the new uploaded file/s.


That’s it about configurations, end-users can now start using the Scan app.

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