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KWizCom Forms app administration

After you install the KWizCom Forms app, you will see its ribbon button in every list and document library “List” ribbon:

Clicking the ribbon button will redirect you to the KWizCom Forms settings page:


This settings page displays all the configuration options available, in accordance with your purchased edition (std., pro. or ent.).

The available configuration options are:


What does it do

Column Permissions (Dynamically show/hide fields)

Show/Hide/Disable fields based on dynamic conditions. This enables you to create a dynamic form that displays relevant fields, depending on the current user and context.

Field Constraints

Configure dynamic field validation rules, based on various conditions.

Default Values

Set dynamic default values based on the current user and values of other fields.

Form Layout

Arrange your form fields in groups, configure how these groups will be displayed and set permissions for groups.

View Permissions

Hide selected list views from selected users/groups.

Form Quick Navigation (Pro.)

Enable end-users to quickly navigate between the list's Edit/View forms and save a lot of time.

Repeating Rows (Pro.)

Use this settings page to create and manage repeating rows columns in your list.

Cascading LookApp (Pro.)

Use this settings page to add/edit KWizCom Cascading LookApp columns to lists on this site.

Custom Actions (Ent.)

Create processes triggered by user-click or automatically be other events. Each custom action includes a series of conditioned activities, enabling you to implement your required use-case.

Export/Import settings

Use these options to move this list's settings to another list, or import a settings file to this list.

Clear Settings

Click this red button if you wish to reset your list and delete all KWizCom Forms settings for that list.
This will NOT delete any data, just the enhanced form features. After you cleared settings your list/library forms will revert to the out-of-the-box SharePoint list layout without the additional KWizCom Forms features.




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