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Cascading LookApp

Cascading LookApp

Feature Overview

Cascading LookApp feature is part of KWizCom Modern Forms (Professional edition).

The Cascading LookApp feature enhances your existing Lookup columns with added capabilities:

  • Cross-site lookups (Looking for cross site-collection lookup? Checkout the External Data Lookup column).
  • Filter lookup by view
  • Filter lookup by another column - Cascading fields (“Region > Country > City")
  • Filter lookup by additional columns in the lookup list
  • Quickly add item to the lookup list
  • Grid mode - display additinal columns from the target list in a table



Configuring Cascading LookApp column

In the list's KWizCom Apps settings page, click the "Cascading LookApp" gear icon:


This will open the Cascading LookApp settings page:

Now select in the drop-down an existing Lookup column that you wish to enhance with Cascading LookApp feature, or type a new column name that you wish to create.
The Cascading LookApp settings for the selected column will appear:


Here's how you set up its properties:

Lookup Information

Update these properties to connect the Lookup column to the requested list and column. Unlike the out-of-the-box SharePoint Lookup column, here you can also select the site where your target list is located, so you can connect your Lookup column to lists located in remote sites (in the same site collection).
Filter Settings
These properties provide various filtering options, enabling you to display in the Cascading LookApp column only the relevant items from the target list.



Filter options based on this view

Select a view from the target list that will be used to filter the displayed items in the Cascading LookApp column.

Show filter columns from target list

Select additional columns from the target list. These column will be displayed to the end-user above the Cascading LookApp field as filters, so end-users will be able to filter items in the Cascading LookApp column in run-time.
The "Account" Cascading LookApp column is configured to show the "Act. Mgr" column from te target list as a filter:

Here's how the LookApp column will appear to end-users:
This enables end-users to filter the Account LookApp column by a selected account manager.

Filter by another column in this list

(Cascaded master-detail relation)

This option enables you to implement Cascading fields, where one field filters the other, such as Account drop-down that filters a Account Contacts drop-down.

To set-up filtering by another column:

1. Select a column that you want to filter the current column by.
Example: we want the Account Contacts Lookup to be filtered by the Account Lookup column
2. After you selected the filtering column, another property will appear:
Here you should select a column in the LookApp column's target list which will be compared with the value selected in the filtering column, so only items where this column value equals the selected value in the filtering column, will be didplayed in the LookApp column.
For more details review the usage examples section.

Additional Settings
This section includes the following properties:



Allow multiple values

Check this property to show a multiple value lookup field.

Add new item buttontext

Fill out the link title you wish end-user to see below the Cascading LookApp field.

Clicking this link will open the “New Item” form for the target list, enabling users to quickly add new items to the target list without leaving the current new/edit form.

Add new item content type

Select a content type to be used when creating a new item in the target list (when clicking the “Add new item” link below the Cascading LookApp field)


Display Settings


Here you can configure the Cascading Lookup column to display multiple columns in a table layout.

This section includes the following properties:



Display additional columns

Select the additional columns from the target lookup list that you want to be displayed in a table layout.

Page size

Enter number greater than 0 to have the displayed items in pages. This is relevant when you have many lookup items displayed.

Here's an example of how the Lookup columns looks in Grid mode, configured to display a table with ID, Price and Quantity additional columns:


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