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Web Part Configuration

Add a web part to a page

After you install the Data View Tools package, its included web parts will be available when you add a new web part to your page as appears in the following screenshot: 

Click the web part that you want to add.
Now you need to configure the web part:

Configuring data-source & display-groups

To configure the web part's data source, click the "Configure data source" button:

This will open the following toolpane:

Configure data source

Click "Add a data source" to connect the web part to a data source, you will see the following settings page:
Under the "Data provider" tab, give your data source a name and select its type.
Each of the Data View Toolset's web parts includes different data-source types, the Data-Source Types & Properties section provides the details on each of the data-sources' configuration properties.
Once you configured your data source, you should see its data in the web part's default display.
The "Color coding" tab enables you to configure fore/back color for your data source:
You need to configure these settings when you have multiple data sources, and you wish each to be displayed in a different color.  
To add additonal data-sources, click the "Add" link on the left side of the settings page above.
When you add additional data sources, they will be displayed in overlay using the same layout:
Clicking a data-source legend will show/hide the data-source's data.

Configure display-group

In case the web part is connected to multiple data-sources, they can be displayed in an overlay layout (default behaviour), or have each data-source displayed in a seperate tab by using display-groups.
To add a display-group click the "Display groups" tab in the data source settings page:
Click "Add a display group", you will see teh following settings page:
Give your group a name and then select which data-sources should be diplayed by that display-group by clicking the "Add data source" link:
After you create multiple display-groups, each includes one or more connected data sources, you will see each of the display-groups' data items displayed in a seperate tab:

After you have connected your web part to the required data source/s, you can now configure how the data will be displayed.

Configuring the web part display

While you are in edit mode, after you configured the web part's data-source/s, you will see the default web part display, made of a combination of display controls.

: Here's how the List View Plus web part looks after connecting it to a Tasks list:

As appears in the screenshot above, the default display of List View Plus web part includes teh following display controls:
  • Top Menu Bar
  • Folders
  • Paging
  • Table
  • Bottom Menu Bar
You can fully customize the display by configuring these controls and add other controls.
To configure a display control, click the gear icon  on the right-side of the control.
To delete an existing control or add a new control - click the "Switch to advanced mode" link at the top of the web part; this will "unlock" the web part layout and reveal additional options:

The Display controls page provides the details about the available display controls and their configuration options.

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