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Signature Pad

Signature Pad

Feature Overview

Signature Pad is part of KWizCom Modern Forms (Enterprise edition).

With the Signature Pad column you can add drawing & signing capabilities to your modern SharePoint lists and libraries.

Capture user signature

After you add the Signature Pad column to your list/library and configure its properties, authorized signing users will see the Signature Pad in the KWizCom modern forms. 
Here's how it looks in the New Item form:

User can now use the mouse/pen to hand-sign and then save the form:
After the form is saved, you will see an indication in the list view, showing which items/documents are signed with a valid signature:
If the signed item is changed by someone after it was sign - the signature will be come invalidated:

Draw & sign use-case

Besides just signing an item, you can use the Signature Pad for use-cases where users are required to draw something and sign it.
When you rent a car, there's always the "car acceptance" protocol where the customer and the car-rental service man check the car for defects and mark all found defects on the car's drawing. Then the customer and service man both sign that drawing to confirm these defects are part of the delivered car to the ustomer.
You can easily implement this and any other draw & sign use case with the Signature Pad column by configuring its background image.
The Signature Pad includes ready-to-use background images, as well as enables you to add your own background images.
Here's how the car-rental acceptance form looks like, implemented with KWizCom Signature Pad:
Before customer signs it:
Customer marks the defects, signs and saves it:


Signature Pad Configuration

In the list's 'KWizCom Apps Settings' page, click the "Signature Pad" gear icon:


This will open the Signature Pad settings page:

Type a new Signature Pad column name that you wish to create, and press ENTER.
The following settings for the selected column will appear:



Who can sign?

Specify who can sign the Signature Pad column:

  • Anyone who can edit the item (leave blank)
  • A specific user
  • Any member of a group, who can edit the item
For more advanced rules - consider using Dynamic Column Permissions rules to conditionally show the Signature Pad column according to your workflow logic.

Signed columns

Select columns you wish this signature to verify. The signature will become invalid if these columns change since it was signed.

Background image


Select an image as the background for this signature pad. The signature pad will match the image size.
By default the standard "Sign Here" background image is selected and its preview displayed on the right side of the page.

Signature Pad background color Select background color for your signature pad.
Default line color  Select the signature line color.
Height  Signature height in pixels
Width Signature width in pixels


Signing items - advanced scenarios

As you can see in the previous section, you can configure the Signature Pad column to be visible to specified users/groups.
This is good for simple approvals, where it's always the same users/groups who are required to sign.
There are cases where you need to dynamically display the Signature Pad, depending on value of other fields or depending on the Custom Action (workflow) which is currently running.
You can implement such dynamic behaviour by using the Column Permissions feature, which allows you to dynamically hide/disable/show fields depending on various conditions. For more details check out the Dynamic Column Permissions feature.

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