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Client Installation

Client Installation


Scan app requires the download and installation of the “KWizCom Scan Client” client tool. When an end-user clicks “Scan” ribbon button for the first time he will be prompted to download and run an installer package. This installer package contains the client tool needed to communicate with the local scanner/s

We also have an offline version of the "KWizCom Scan Client", which will allow you to use on machines that are not connected to internet or would like to install on machines through GPO. If users do not have access to internet and cannot download OCR packages, the file below should also be installed in order to use offline OCR definitions.

Please download both the offline Scan Client and offline Client Agent by using links below.

Please download the offline OCR package if you do not have access to internet.

You can follow the Microsoft article below which outline how to install MSI packages via Group Policy.



Client Software Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office WORD 2013-2019
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