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Picture Gallery web part configuration

The Picture Gallery web part configuration includes the same configuration steps as all other Data View Toolset web parts, detailed information is available in the Web Part configuration page.

Picture Gallery Data source Configuration

Once you click "Edit web part" you will see the web part's toolpane:


In the "
Data source type" poperty select the data source you want to connect the Picture Gallery web part to. The following data source types are available:
Select one of the data sources and then configure it according to linked guidelines above.

Mapping Picture Gallery's displayed properties

When the selected data source is "SharePoint List", click "Next" to get to get to the 2nd setitngs page where you can connect to a specific folder:

Picture Gallery display configuration

As described in the Configuring web part display page, the display configuration is all about chosing which controls you want to have and then configuring each of these controls.
By default, after you add the Picture Gallery web part to the page and configure its data source, you see the "Camera slideshow" control:
The "Camera slideshow" is just one of the available controls that display pictures from the connected data source. The available controls are:
Camera Slideshow
Rotates images + display all picture 
thumbnails below, enabling the user to 
manually navigate between them.
Displays all pictures in a "pile", user can manuallt regarange the pile by dragging pictures.
Picture Gallery
Displays all pictures in a custom gallery display.
To switch between these controls and to add additional controls, click the "Switch to advanced mode" button at the top of the web part.

Picture Gallery controls configuration

Configuring any of the Picture Gallery controls is done by clicking the gear icon on the top-right side of the control:
Each of the Picture Gallery controls has different configuration properties, as listed in the following tables:

Camera Slideshow control's properties

Property Description
Transition effect Select the required visual transition effect between pictures.
Height (px, %) Set the required picture height to be displayed
Pause on hover  Stop transitioning between pictures when user hovers over the displayed picture.
Show navigation  Show next/previous arrows when hovering over the displayed picture. 
Auto-hide navigation Hide the navigation arrows when user not hovering over the displayed picture. Uncheck this property to always show teh navigation arrows. 
Show thumbnails  Check to display all picture thumbnails below the displayed picture.



Photopile control's properties

Property Description
Image caption Caption displayed on the bottom-left side of clicked picture.

Picture Gallery control's properties

Property Description
Image caption Caption displayed below each picture.
Show gallery Check to display all pictures in a gallery view, uncheck to display a slideshow.
Slideshow height
 Set slideshow height in pixels or leave empty to display in full page size.
Fit images  ?
Slide duration (sec)  Time (seconds) each slide is displayed.
Transition duration (sec)  The time (seconds) it takes to switch betwee pictures. 
Show caption in gallery   Check to make teh caption of each picture displayed below the picture. 
Gallery image height   displayed pictures' height in pixels. 
Gallery caption max-width (optional)  Use this when displaying captions below the pictures in the gallery, and when you wish to limit the width of the image and caption, so if the caption is long it will wrap to additional lines.
Gallery image spacing   Space between pictures in the gallery view (pixels). 
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