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Paste Plus Configuration

The Paste+ app includes the following modules:



Paste+ app settings page

This page allows configuring settings of the solution in the site.

KWizCom Client Agent

This tool needs to be downloaded by each user. 
User will be prompted to download the tool when trying to paste something for the 1st time.

The KWizCom Client Agent runs on the user’s local Windows and interacts with MS Office and the local machine’s Windows clipboard.


Before users can start using the Paste+ app, there are few settings that require configuration in the app’s settings page:


Field Name


Select upload library

Select the library that will be used to store pasted images.

Whenever an end-user pastes an image to a SharePoint rich-text field, that image’s file is uploaded and saved in this defined library (By default it will be “Site Assets” library).

Create a sub-folder for each user?

Select “Yes” if you want a folder to be created for each user that pastes images. Each user’s folder will store all the images that were pasted by that user.


To save your settings, click the “Save” button.


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