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Org. Chart app is part of KWizCom Data View Toolset (SPFx).

The Org. Chart app is a SharePoint client-side web part, utilizing the new SharePoint Framework
(SPFx), displaying dynamic organization charts based on various data source types.
The retrieved items are displayed using super-flexible, fully-responsive “Lego-style” controls, enabling you to have the exact view you need, including custom menus, conditional formatting, configurable filters and more.


Key Features


Org. Chart web part
SharePoint List datasource
Excel file datasource  

MS Graph API datasource - Connect to Azure AD  

SharePoint User Profiles datasource     
Connect to multiple data sources and display them in overlay layout         
"Assistant" employee type     
Multiple parents -Support for employees that have more than one manager to whom they report.    
Deeper customizations available by using CSS and knockout
Export to CSV
Advanced controls: 
- Filter
- Conditional formatting



Org. Chart run-time behaviour

This section describes the end-user functionality of the Org. Chart app.

Search and filter
The Org. Chart app enables configuring custom filters that enable end-users to easily find employees.

As you can see in the picture above, end-users can use this custom filter that appears above the chart, which also enables them to save their configured filter.

Display employee profile, hierarachy and actions
When you click an employee box in the chart, the employee card will be displayed:

While viewing the employee card user can click the following links to get more information:
(1) Actions - clicking this link will display additional actions that were configured for the employee card:

Administrator can configure additional/other actions to be displayed in the employee card.
(2) View hierarchy - clicking this icon will open a popup displaying the current employee's manager, peers and staff:
User can click any of the displayed peers/manager/staff to navuigate directly to its employee card.
(3) View profile - clicking this link opens a popup displaying current user's properties:

The properties displayed in the profile popup are fully configurable.


Hovering over the Org. chart and by using the mouse-scroll wheel user can zoom-in/out
Export/Print chart
By clicking the "Hamburger" menu user can see all export options:

So you can export the chart both to image formats such as PNG and SVG, and to data format such as CSV.
Display in full-screen
Sometimes the displayed chart is just too big to be displayed in a web-part size, causing both vertical and horizontal scrollbars.
Users can switch to full screen view by clicking the "Hamburger" menu and then by selecting the "Full screen" option.

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