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List View Plus app is part of KWizCom Data View Toolset (SPFx).

The List View Plus app is a SharePoint client-side web part, utilizing the new SharePoint Framework
(SPFx), that enables users to work with lists and libraries that are in other SharePoint sites, allowing
them to use these lists as if they were local.
The retrieved items are displayed using super-flexible, fully-responsive “Lego-style” controls, enabling you to have the exact view you need, including custom menus, conditional formatting, configurable filters and more.


Key Features


List View Plus web part
Connect to any local/remote list/library in your tenant
Display controls:
Table, List, Tabs, Groups, Paging, Global Menu
Deeper customizations available by using CSS and knockout
Export to CSV
Advanced display controls: 
- Configurable filters
- Conditional formatting


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