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KWizCom Apps and Tools activation tutorial

KWizCom Apps and Tools activation tutorial



To activate KWIZ App(s) or Tool, you will need your Account number and Invoice number, which you can find in your invoice from our KWIZ sales department, or vendor (KWIZ partner) after you purchased a KWIZ product.

Once you have your account number and invoice number, go to KWIZ Account:

KWIZ Account, License Management

1. Enter the Account ID and the Invoice Number and click "Manage Licenses". 

2. Select your KWIZ App(s) from the “Select Product” option menu.

3. Enter the domain you like to apply your license.

    All users using the same login domain will be able to use the App with full functionality and no trial messages.
    Please note, each login domain requires additional license.

    You can check login domain by going to Setting => KWIZ Apps settings => info icon beside the app


    Alternatively, If you are not sure what is your login domain for SharePoint, you can check the login name
    using the following url in your browser: https://[SHAREPOINT SITE]/_api/web/currentuser

    You will need to replace [SHAREPOINT SITE] with your site URL.
    The login domain will be in the email address; You will need the part in bold. 

    Ex: You would use the domain your users use to login to your SharePoint environment. This can be a domain login like        
    mycompany\myuser, or in an email form like You will need the part in bold. 


4. Click the “save changes” button.  

5. Clear your browser cache to changes take affect, make sure you choose” All time” in time range.  
    If you have any further questions, please contact us at



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