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KPI Column Configuration

After you install the KPI app, you will see its ribbon button in every list’s “Manage Views” ribbon:

Clicking this ribbon button will open the list’s KPI settings page:

This settings page allows you to create a new KPI column or to edit existing KPI columns in the list.


Settings page properties

The KPI app's settings page includes the following properties:





- select this option to create a new KPI column. Each column includes a KPI rule.

You can select to edit any of the existing KPI columns if already created previously.

Type the column name for a new column.

Select type of KPI:

-          Progress bar

-          Icon

Each type has different settings.

In case “Progress Bar” type selected

Select which column you would like the progress bar's value to be based on.

Select where you would like the value for the progress bar to be located in relation to the progress bar.

Enter the minimum and maximum values for progress bar range. For percentage columns this range is ignored.

Select the background and meter color for the progress bar.

In case “Icon” type selected

This part displays the existing rules if configured, click “edit” to edit existing rules and add new ones.

Select the location of the field's value in relation to the icon.

Select how to display multiple Icons.

Click to remove the KPI settings from the list

Save – save settings and redirect to the list

Cancel – cancel all changes and redirect to the list

Apply – save settings and remain in the settings page



The following list view:


Has the following KPI columns configured:

These rules display the   icon for delayed tasks and the  icon for high priority tasks that are in-Progress status, and assigned to the current user.
In case both icons are displayed, they are configured to be displayed side-by-side.


This rule displays a progress bar in the %Complete column.


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