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Installing the Datasheet View app

Installing the Datasheet View app

The KWizCom Datasheet View provides the exact same datasheet user-experience as the one that was available in SharePoint 2010 server, by using the same Microsoft ActiveX control. Unlike the SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view, the KWizCom Datasheet is available not only in IE, but also in other browsers: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

The KWizCom Datasheet View includes the following modules: 

  1. Datasheet View app
    this app is part of the KWizCom Modern Apps package.

  2. KWizCom Client Agent
    This desktop executable includes the Datasheet ActiveX component. It will be downloaded to the end-user's desktop on the 1st time user clicks the "Datasheet View" ribbon button. 

Installation prerequsites

Client software requirements

Installation steps

  1. Install KWizCom Modern Apps in your tenant. This is done once by a tenant admin.
  2. Install the Datasheet View app in your site.
  3. 1st time user clicks the Datasheet View ribbon/toolbar button in a list/library, he will be prompted to install the KWizCom Client Agent software. This is a 1-time installation which is required to enable using the MS Datasheet ActiveX in the user's desktop.
  4. End-user might also be prompted for missing MS Access Database Engine. In that case you should install the missing MS Access Database Engine software.
Comment: The KWizCom Client Agent can be installed using GPO to avoid steps 3-4 above, please refer to Installing KWizCom Client Agent using GPO article.

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