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Form Quick Navigation

Product Overview

Form Quick Navigation is part of KWizCom Forms App (Pro. edition).

With the Quick Form Navigation feature end-users can quickly navigate between a list’s Edit/View forms, without going through the list view, and save a lot of time.

This is done by adding "Next/Previous" links to the Edit/View forms:

This way user can quickly edit/view item after item without having to go through the list view each time.
When editing an item, if changes were made and the user clicks Previous/Next link to navigate to the previous/next item's Edit form, a confirmation message is displayed:

Configuring form quick navigation

The following screenshot displays the Form Quick Navigation settings page:

This settings page includes the following properties:
Property Description
Display 'Next' and 'Previous' links in Select the forms where you want the Next/Previous links to appear. These can be displayed in the Edit Item and View Item forms.
'Previous' link caption Type the required caption for the 'Previous" link. 
'Next' link caption Type the required caption for the 'Next" link.
Check this if you wish to keep the current tab when you navigate through items  When tabs are configured for the form, check this checkbox if you want the same selected tab to be displayed when navigating between list item edit/view forms.
Navigate through view Select a view that will be used to enable users navigate between this list 'View Item' pages according to their appearance in the selected view. This view will be used when the user did not get to the item from a specific view in the list.


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