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Form Quick Navigation

Form Quick Navigation

Feature Overview

Form Quick Navigation feature is part of KWizCom Modern Forms (Professional edition).

With the Quick Form Navigation feature end-users can quickly navigate between a list’s Edit/View forms, without going through the list view, and save a lot of time.
This is done by adding "Next/Previous" links to the Edit/View forms: 

While user is in the Edit/View form, When clicking "Next" (>) or "Previous" (<) link, user will be redirected to the next/previous item's form.
If the user made any changes in Edit form and then clicked Next/Previous, the following prmpt will be displayed:
Clicking "Apply & Continue" will save the item and then redirect the user to the next/previous item.



Configuring quick navigation

In the list's KWizCom Apps settings page, click the "Form Quick Navigation" gear icon:


This will open the Quick Navigation settings page:



Setting up quick navigation:

In the "Display navigation links in" property, select the forms where you want the Next/Previous navigation link to appear:
View form, Edit form, or both.

COMMENT: Currently the "Previous link caption" and the "Next link caption" properties are not active, so the Next/Previous links will always appear as "<" / ">" icons.  



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