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Form Layout

Form Layout

Feature Overview

Form Layout feature is part of KWizCom Modern Forms (Standard edition).

With the Form Layout feature you can customize the SharePoint list forms' layout to create fully-responsive, multi-column and multi-tab forms.

form example

collapsible groups layout
form example


Key Features


Form Layout

Create multi-tab forms

Create forms with collapsible sections(Accordion)

Dynamically display/hide field groups (tabs/sections)


Flexible multi-column layout  



Customizing the list forms layout

In the list's KWizCom Apps settings page, click the "Form Layout" gear icon:


This will open the Form Layout settings page:


This settings page allows you to customize the form’s layout and to divide your form into groups. Each group includes columns, and these groups can be configured to be displayed as tabs or collapsible groups.
If all columns in a group (tab or collapsible group) are hidden due to column permissions rules, then the entire group becomes hidden.

Creating a multi-tab form

1. Select "Tabs" in the “Display groups as” drop-down:


2. Create a new tab by clicking the+new tab” button:

This will create a new empty tab:


3. In the "Group name" field type you tab name.


4. Under "Group layout" you have an empty grid. This is where you add rows and then select the columns that you want to be displayed in the tab.
Click "+ Add row" to add a new row o your form, this will create a new empty row with one empty field:

Click the drop-down to select the column to be displayed. You can also select HTML elements such as Text Cell to display custom html contents that can include formatted text and images.

5. Continue adding additional columns, additional rows or remove columns by:

1) Click   to add another field in the same row.
2) Click    to add a row above the current row.
3) Click   to add a row below the current row.
4) Click   to delete the row.

When you have 2 or more fields in a row, you can resize each of the fields by clicking the "Grow"    and "Shrink"   buttons.
In the following image, we've configured the "Account" field to be as twice as hide than the "Account contacts" field:

Each row can have a different number of fields, and in each row you can resize the fields you want to display wider than others.

6. Optionally add conditions to display the tab by clicking the "+ add condition" button. This enables you to configure one or more conditions; only when these conditions are met the tab will be displayed:



7. After you created all required tabs, save the settings by clicking “Apply” or “Save”.

You can delete a tab by clicking the "delete" icon  which appears on the left side of the tab.


Creating Collapsible groups layout

1. Select "Collapsible groups" in the “Display groups as” drop-down:


2. Create a new group by clicking the+new group” button:

This will create a new empty group:
Now add rows and fields to your group following steps 3-7 under "Creating multi-tab form" section above.
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