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Default Values

Product Overview

Default Values App is part of KWizCom Forms App (Standard edition).

With the Default Values app you can configure default values for column types which do not have default values support with SharePoint out-of-the-box. You can also configure dynamic default values, meaning: different default values for different users/groups, and default values which depend on default values of other columns.

Key Features



Default Values app

Configure default values for column types such as Person and Lookup (out-of-the-box SharePoint doesn't enable you to configure default values for these column types.

Configure different default values for different users/groups.

Use dynamic token and reference other columns' default values.



Configuring default values

 The following screenshot displays the Default Values app settings page:

This settings page allows you to create default value rules, each rule defines a default value for a field, depending on various conditions.


To setup a Default Value rule:

1.   Select a column for which you wish to set up a default value, in the “Select a column” drop-down:

2.   Create a new rule by clicking the “new rule” link:

a new rule definition section will appear:

3.   To setup a rule you need to:

a.  Type/select a default value for the selected column.
Depending on the column type, the Default value control will display the appropriate control.
In this example, the column is of “Assigned To”, so a Person field control appears.

b.  Setup conditions
These conditions define when the field validation rule should be applied.

4.   After you save the rule by clicking “Apply” or “Save” this rule will appear below the “All Rules” section:


To edit an existing rule, simply click the “Edit” link appearing on the left side of each existing rule.


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