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The Data View Toolset is a set of SPFx web parts that answer common data-retrieval and display requirements for SharePoint Online/2019 Server.

Each of the included web parts can connect to various data sources and display the retreived data using various display controls that provide enhanced features.

Data View Toolset includes the following web parts:
Web Part Description
List View Plus Connect to local/remote SharePoint lists, display the retreived data in a flexible & responsive list display.
List Aggregator Aggregate data from various data-sources, display the retreived data in a flexible & responsive list display.
Picture Gallery Aggregate images from various sites & lists, great-looking & configurable picture gallery controls.
Calendar Plus Aggregate events from SharePoint/Exchange Online calendars and display using configurable calendar views.
Org. Chart A super-flexible organization charts, based on various data-sources. 
Data View Plus
Super-set of all web parts listed above plus additional features:
Data View Shared Filter Enables creating custom filters, connected to multple Data View Plus web parts on the page.

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