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Data View Shared Filter app is part of KWizCom Data View Toolset (SPFx).

The Data View Shared Filter app connects to and filters multiple Data View web parts on your modern SharePoint page. 
By using the Data View Shared Filter, you can implement dashboard pages that include multiple Data View web parts, each connected to a different data source, and a shared custom filtering form which affects all the displayed dashboard web parts on the page. 

In the screenshot below you can see 3 web parts:
The top web part is the Data View Shared Filter, configured to display 3 filter controls.
These filters are connected to the other 2 web parts: Milestones and Team Calendar.
In this example, we've configured the "Show only billable items" filter to render as a checkbox.
This filter is connected to the 2 web parts' data sources below; this was done by mapping it to the following columns:
  • In the Milestones web part - it is mapped to the "IsPayment" column.
  • In the Team Calendar web part - it is mapped to the "billable milestone" column
This way, when checking the filter checkbox, it filters the 2 web parts below.
The next section describes in details how you configure shared filters and how you connect them to one or more Data View web parts in the page.

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