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Data View Plus Configuration

Data View Plus Configuration

The Data View Plus web part configuration includes the same configuration steps as all other Data View Toolset web parts, detailed information is available in the Web Part configuration page.

As described in the product overview page, the Data View Plus includes all the functionality (data sources and display controls) available in all other Data View Toolset web parts.
Data View Plus includes an additional display control called "Custom control", which enables creating a custom layout that matches your exact requirements.

Data View Plus display configuration

As described in the Configuring web part display page, the display configuration is all about chosing which controls you want to have and then configuring each of these controls.
By default, when you add the Data View Plus web part to the page and connect you see the following controls:
These controls are generic controls (available in all Data View Toolset web parts), refer to "Display controls" page to learn how to configure them. To switch to Custom control, click the "Switch to advanced mode" button(1) and then click the List control and select the Custom control(2):

Custom control configuration

Clicking the Custom control's gear icon on the right, you'll see the following settings toolpane:
In the "Custom control content" textbox you can see the deafult control's html code. This code includes data binding tokens, which enable including dynamic data from the data source.
Click the "edit template" link to open the Template editor:
Here you can fully customize the custom display template using standard html and knckout code.
You can also use one of the available HTML snippets as a starting point:
After you select one of the snippets, update the column names inside the snippet to match the column names you have in your list, and if needed update the html code to match your exact required layout.
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