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Countdown column

Countdown column

Feature Overview

Countdown feature is part of KWizCom Modern Forms(Enterprise edition).

The Countdown feature enables you to add "Countdown" columns to your lists. The Countdown column displays a days/hours/minutes counter, which counts down time to a configured target date, which is taken from one of the list's DateTime columns.

After it's added to your list, the Countdown column will appear in the list forms, displaying a live countdown timer:
Please refer to the next section to learn how to configure the Countdown column.

Configuring the Countdown column

In the list's KWizCom Apps settings page, click the "Countdown column" gear icon:


The following Countdown column settings page will appear:
Type a name for your new Countdown column. After you type the name, additional properties show-up:


The Coundown column settings page includes the following properties:



Target date column 

Select a DateTime column from your list, that column value will be used as the target date and time for the countdown.

Past due behaviour 

Select the required countdown column behaviour once it reaches the target time:

- Count up: after countdown reaches the value of 0 (we are in the target date and time), it will start counting up.
- Stop: the timer will stop on the 0 value.

Show seconds 

Check this property if you want the countdown timer to show seconds.

Counter caption 

Optional caption to be displayed below the counter.

Counter past-due caption

Optional caption to be displayed below the counter when it has past due.

Days caption

Optional caption to be displayed below the days counter.

Hours caption

Optional caption to be displayed below the hours counter.

Minutes caption

Optional caption to be displayed below the minutes counter.


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