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CF Column Configuration

After you install the Conditional Formatting add-in and add it to your site, you will see its ribbon button in every list’s “List” ribbon:

Clicking this ribbon button will open the list’s Conditional Formatting settings page:

This settings page allows you to create a new Conditional formatting column or to edit existing conditional formatting columns in the list.

Settings page properties

The Cascading LookApp's settings page includes the following properties:





- select this option to create a new conditional formatting column. Each column includes a conditional formatting rule.


You can select to edit any of the existing conditional formatting columns if already created previously.

Type the column name.


Select whether you want to apply the formatting to an entire row or column.

This part displays the existing rules if configured, click “edit” to edit existing rules and add new ones.

Click to remove the conditional formatting settings from the list

Save – save settings and redirect to the list

Cancel – cancel all changes and redirect to the list

Apply – save settings and remain in the settings page



The following list view:


Has the following conditional formatting columns configured:


This one is the reason why rows are highlighted with red and blue background according to their status and DueDate column values,

This conditional formatting column highlights the “Priority” column with yellow background if the value if “High”.


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