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Column Permissions

Product Overview

Column Permissions App is part of KWizCom Forms App (Standard edition).

The Column Permissions app enables dynamically hiding/disabling columns in list forms and in list views.

This way you can turn your SharePoint list forms into dynamic forms where certain field are hidden or inactive according to the current user and the current user’s input.


Key Features



Column Permissions App

Display/hide fields from list forms (New/Edit/View item) to/from specific users or SharePoint groups.

Disable fields for specific users or SharePoint groups.

Dynamic permission rules: hide/disable fields according to a criteria based on list fields' values.

Support [Me] and [Today] SharePoint tokens in field-based criteria for hiding/disabling fields

Save field permission settings within site and list templates

Hide columns from list views

Hide/disable fields in the Quick Edit view



Configuring Column Permissions

The following screenshot displays the Column Permissions settings page:


This settings page allows you to create column permission rules, each rule hides, shows or deactivate a selected field. 
After you have configured your rules and saved them, these rules will be processed according to their order every time a list form (New, Edit, View) is loaded, and each time a user makes selections in the form.

To setup a column permissions rules:

Select a column that you wish to hide/deactivate/show in the “Select a column” drop-down:


Create a new rule by clicking the “new rule” link:

A new rule definition section will appear:


To setup a rule:

  • Select the list forms to which this rule should be applied:

    Here you can also choose “list views” if you want to apply a rule to all list views 
    (example: hide a column from all list views).
  • Select the permission type:


  • Setup conditions. These conditions define when the column permission should be applied. 
    You can create several conditions as you can see in the following screenshot:

If a rule is applied to list views, then the conditions can include only the item's content type and the current user.
You cannot use other columns in the condition (they are all grayed out).


After you save the rule by clicking “Apply” or “Save” this rule will appear below the “All Rules” section:

To edit an existing rule, simply click the “Edit” link appearing on the left side of each existing rule.



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