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Cascading Lookup Migration tool

Cascading Lookup Migration tool

The Cascading Lookup Console is a tool meant for migrating lists which use the Cascading Lookup Plus field type to be compatible for use with the Cascading LookApp used on SharePoint Online environment. The tool allows users to convert existing Cascading Lookup Fields into regular out of the box fields which can then be moved to SP Online environments then being converted into Cascading LookApp fields afterwards. The tool also provides reporting capabilities to see where the Cascading Lookup field type is being used within a site.


  • You must run this tool on a SharePoint 2013 machine or newer
  • KWizCom Cascading Lookup must be installed before using this tool

* You must run this tool with a user that has sufficient permissions to modify sites and columns


  • You must provide a scope for this tool. Either specify a site URL, or use a sources.csv file to declare multiple sources.
  • You may specify list and column name for the tool, if omitted it will run on all lists and columns in the scope.

* It is highly recommended you use the verbose logging option and save the log file (-v -z switches). Verbose log will allow us to revert and restore your column settings to its condition prior to running this tool should the need arises.
* It is highly recommended you test this tool first on a non-production environment. The use of this tool is subjected to the EULA agreement and conditions that came with the Cascading Lookup product license.
* It is also highly recommended running the tool in scan only mode first (-x switch), this will run the tool and create the log file without committing changes to the server. You should review the log file for errors and warnings before running it again without the scan only switch.


clc -o [operation] [additional switches]


  -o, --operation      Required. Please specify the operation you would like to perform:
                UpdateSettings: allows you to modify source/target web and list
                FixRelations: perform system update to each item in the list to fix broken relations
                ConvertToApp:  prepare the column to be used with Cascading LookAPP and converting it to OOB lookup.
                         Use 'scan-only' to produce a report with warnings and not commit any changes.
                ConvertToFTC: revert the column back to FTC Cascading Lookup after calling
                         ConvertToApp. Use this option if you discovered breaking
                         change in the app version and need to revert your changes.

 -c, --csv-sources    Provide CSV file with a list of sources. First column
                      would be site url, second optional column would be list name (missing: scan all lists in this site),
        third optional column would be column name (missing: scan all column in this list)

  -s, --site           Provide the site url

  -l, --list           Provide the list name. If missing will scan all lists in
                       this site

  -f, --field          Provide the list name. If missing will scan all lists in
                       this site

  -x, --scan-only      (Default: False) If set to true, will only produce a log
                       of the operation and will not commit any updates

  -z, --log-file       Provide log file path/name to produce. A csv formatted
                       log file will be created.

  -v, --verbose        (Default: False) Turn on verbose logging into the log
                       file. Default: false. Verbose mode saves enough data to
                       restore changes in case of an unexpected failure. It is
                       highly recommended to turn it on when running on

  --help               Display this help screen.


  • Convert “Country” cascading lookup in list “Contact” on specific site to the app version:

clc -o ConvertToApp -s -l Contacts -f Country -v -z log.csv

  • Convert back to Cascading Lookup in case there is a problem with the app:

clc -o ConvertToFTC -s -l Contacts -f Country -v -z log.csv

  • Convert all cascading lookup columns in the site to the app version:

clc -o ConvertToApp -s -v -z log.csv

  • Convert a list of sources from CSV file to the app version (see Sample Source.csv for more info):

clc -o ConvertToApp -c sample sources.csv -v -z log.csv

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Last modified at 12/19/2022 3:43 PM by Igor Goldshtaub (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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