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Cascading Lookapp Configuration

After you install the Cascading LookApp add-in and add it to your site, you will see its ribbon button in every list’s “List” ribbon:

Clicking this ribbon button will open the list’s Cascading LookApp settings page:

This page enables you to create new Cascading Lookup columns or convert an existing Lookup column to Cascading Lookup column.


Settings page properties

The Cascading LookApp's settings page includes the following properties:



Select a column

This drop-down property displays all the Lookup columns in the list, select the one you want to convert to a Cascading LookApp.

Select a target site

Unlike the out-of-the-box Lookup column, you can connect your Cascading LookApp column to remote lists that are in other sites in the current S.C.

Select the site where the target list exists.

Select a target list

Select the target list to which you want to connect the Cascading LookApp column.

Select a target column

Choose the column you wish to get information from and display in the lookup field.




Filter options based on this view

Select a view from the target list that will be used to filter the displayed items in the Cascading LookApp column.

Show filter for columns

(Select lookup list column to filter by)

Select additional columns from the target list. These column will be displayed to the end-user above the Cascading LookApp field as filters, so end-users will be able to filter items in the Cascading LookApp column in run-time.
Please see usage examples in the next section.

Filter by another column in this list

(Cascaded master-detail relation)

Select a column from the current list that you wish to be used to filter the Cascading LookApp column. This option enables you to implement Cascading fields, where one field filters the other, such as Country drop-down that filters a City drop-down.

Please see usage examples in the next section.





Allow multiple values

Check this property to show a multiple value lookup field.

Add to all content types

Check this property to add a new Cascading LookApp column to all list’s content type

Add to default view

Check this property to add a new Cascading LookApp column to the list’s default view.

Add new item text

Fill out the link title you wish end-user to see below the Cascading LookApp field. Clicking this link will open the “New Item” form for the target list, enabling users to quickly add new items to the target list without leaving the current new/edit form.

Content type should use in new item form

Select a content type to be used when creating a new item in the target list (when clicking the “Add new item” link below the Cascading LookApp field)


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