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Cascading LookApp is part of KWizCom Forms App (Professional edition).

The KWizCom Cascading LookApp is a SharePoint Online add-in that enhances your existing Lookup columns with added capabilities:

  • Cross-site lookups
  • Filtered lookups by views
  • Filter lookups by another column - Cascading fields (“Region > Country > City")
  • Filter lookups by additional columns in the lookup list
  • Quickly add item to the lookup list

Key Features



Cascading LookApp

Supports Cascading fields ("City" filtered by "Country")

Enables the filtering of the displayed items in the lookup field according to a view defined in the target list

Cross site lookup - enables the creation of lookup field for lists that are located on different sites.

Enables the conversion of lookup fields to KWizCom Cascading LookupApp fields

Filter lookup items by additional columns in the lookup list

Enables creating new item using the "create new item" link

Enables calculated column reference for this type of column

Cross-Browser support (IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome support)

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